Lifeguard Recert Training with First Aid and CPR/AED with lowest price guarantee!

Lifeguard Recert Training with First Aid and CPR/AED with lowest price guarantee!

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This program is an abbreviated Lifeguarding course. It is for all individuals who have been certified before as a lifeguard.  The training program reviews all the life saving skills and allows the individual to practice the various skills before testing. Students who complete this course will receive a certificate for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED which is valid for 2 years.

You may recertify with us, regardless of whether or not you initially took your training with the American Lifeguard Association®. Your previous certification expiration date must not be older than 12 months, and we would need you to email us a copy of the card at once you register and pay so that we may keep a copy with your records.

The skills taught in our program reflects ECC science and findings from the United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition Report. With our training program, you will not have to wait for a group class. Our national self-study programs can be taken anywhere, and are practiced by individuals, schools, universities and community pools both here in the United States and abroad. The American Lifeguard Association is one of only a few national certifying agencies for lifeguards.


  • Nationally-recognized organization
  • Training for individuals or small groups
  • Get certified right away!
  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Certification training at your own pace
  • Videos and online training materials
  • Get paid for your referrals
  • Offer swimming lessons through ALA endorsed swim program
  • Discounts given to employers for staff training [Contact us for details]
  • A certification issued the day you complete program
  • Certification listed on national verification website same day of completion

      The American Lifeguard Association® (ALA) is a national educational association with the full support of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and Global Lifeguards, a nonprofit 501c(3) organization. Both of these organizations are members of the Global Lifeguard Association, one of the largest worldwide aquatic consortiums, which has trained more than 250,000 certified lifeguards over the past 30 years.

      The American Lifeguard Association is one of a select few nationally-recognized certifying agencies for lifeguards in the United States. To learn more about our association, you may obtain the latest news stories regarding the American Lifeguard Association nationwide efforts in the lifesaving profession we ask that tap American Lifeguard Association News. Our programs may be eligible for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and also college elective credits. Upon completion, we suggest that you contact your school or university for further details and eligibility.

      Don’t wait another day! Get recertified and join our tens of thousands of active lifeguard members! Training is simple, and you can get recertified in as little as one day! Click ADD TO CART to register.


      Step 1: Review all video clips and online materials

      Once you register, you will receive links to our online training videos, as well as online reference materials. These materials will cover various skills and techniques associated with CPR/AED and First Aid. You need to be familiar with and able to perform the skills shown in these materials.

      All our programs require the participants to practice and learn their skills in and out of the water. You can find a full list of these swimming, rescue, and first aid skills below.

      Step 2: Complete the online exam

      After you have reviewed the videos and additional online materials and are able to accomplish your skills, you will need to go online and take the final written exam. Successful completion of the final exam requires a score of 80% or higher. You may review your online material if needed at any time. There is no time limit to take the exam, but it must be taken at one time for you cannot leave the exam and return where you left off. If you leave the exam, you will need to start it over until completed. If you do not receive a passing grade, you can retake the exam until you pass at no additional fees. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a full printout of your exam score along with the correct answers to any questions you may have gotten wrong. We require that you look over your exam results to help ensure you know all the right answers.

      Step 3: Attend a one-time half day review session

        We offer the review sessions on Saturdays year-round at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Fairfax, Virginia. The JCC, located at 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax VA 22031. The center is just one mile west of the 495 Beltway on the right of Little River Turnpike. We ask that you not call the JCC, for they only rent the space to us, but instead if you have any questions, please email us at

        2020 Upcoming review session dates:  All future Saturday dates are open to attend

        The half-day Saturday water review sessions are offered year-round. You only have to attend one. Our program provides you the freedom to reserve a space on a Saturday that best fits your schedule. All review sessions are open for registration at this time and once you pay, you will be given the link along with the instructions to hold your slot that best fits your schedule. You will need to attend only one review session.

        2020 Upcoming Dates and Times:

        • February 15, 2020, from 12:00 pm–6:00 pm
        • March 21, 2020, from 12:00 pm–6:00 pm
        • April 2020 every Saturday from 12:00 pm–6:00 pm
        • May to mid-June 2020 every Saturday from 7:00 am–2:00 pm
        • Mid June to end of August every Saturday from 12:00 pm–6:00 pm


              Upon completion of the above steps, you will receive an email confirming your successful completion of the ALA certification program. We request that you print out a copy of your American Lifeguard Association certification for your records. In addition, a waterproof, wallet-sized certification card will be mailed on the next business day.

              Finally, your certification records will be placed in the National Verification system. This system allows validated certification to be viewed by employers and health department officials.

              The purpose of the ALA training program is to teach candidates the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies. As with all certifications, employers need to ensure that each lifeguard candidate has all the skills, knowledge and the necessary requirements for the position for which he or she is being hired.


              We owe our success to you, our members, and we know that price is a critical concern. We want you to feel confident that by choosing the American Lifeguard Association® you're getting the best training at the lowest prices. Even though we routinely monitor our competitors to assure that our prices are competitive, if you find a lower price within 30-days of your registration, on any training we offer within the county or city where you live, at your local park authority, community pool, school, or university, we will match it instantly.

              We must be able to verify the lower price through a valid website that we do not price match. Lower prices that cannot be confirmed will not be honored. The training cannot be offered by an employer who you must go with regarding employment, for you receive reduced pay for the lower priced course.

              To take advantage of our offer, email us at anytime within 30-days of your initial registration. Include the website, link, or advertisement where you found the better price. Once the lower price and source are confirmed, the American Lifeguard Association will instantly refund the difference. This offer is in addition to our 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee.

              The national training program must be purchased before starting. After reading the instructions below, the next step is to enroll. To enroll, select “ADD TO CART" to pay the registration fee. 

              Lifeguard course participants will review:

              SWIMMING SKILLS

              If you can answer yes to the following questions about the swimming test, you will pass this portion of the lifeguard certification requirements.

              • Can you swim for 300 yards without stopping using the following three strokes in this order and with the proper form?
              • Front crawl (freestyle) for 100 yards
              • Breaststroke for 100 yards
              • Either the front crawl or the breaststroke for the final 100 yards
              • Can you pass a test in which you must retrieve a weight from the bottom of the pool and can you do this within the 1 minute, 40 seconds time limit? It begins with you in the water. You must swim for 20 yards using either the front crawl or the breast stroke. Then you must complete a surface dive to “rescue” a 10 lb weight that is 7-10 ft below the water’s surface. Once the weight is retrieved, you must swim back to the point where you started (a distance of 20 yards) and then get out of the pool without using steps or a ladder.

              RESCUE SKILLS

              • Slide-In Entry
              • Stride and Compact Jumps
              • Rescue Approach—Front Crawl or Breaststroke
              • Simple Assist
              • Extension Assist from the Deck
              • Reaching Assist with Equipment and
              • Throwing Assist
              • Swimming Extension Rescue
              • Active and Passive Drowning Victim Rear Rescue
              • Two-Person Removal from the Water
              • Using a Backboard
              • Passive Submerged Victim—Shallow Water
              • Multiple-Victim Rescue
              • Feet-First Surface Dive
              • Submerged Victim—Deep Water
              • Front and Rear Head-Hold Escape


              • Manual In-Line Stabilization for a Head, Neck or Back Injury on Land—Lying
              • Down, Sitting or Standing
              • Using a Backboard for a Standing Victim on Land
              • Head Splint Technique—Face-Up Victim, Shallow Water at or Near Surface
              • Head Splint Technique—Face-Dow Victim, Shallow Water at or Near Surface
              • Head and Chin Support—Face-Up Victim, Shallow Water at or Near Surface
              • Head and Chin Support—Face-Down Victim, Shallow Water at or Near Surface
              • Head Splint Technique—Face-Up Victim, Deep Water at or Near Surface
              • Head Splint Technique—Face-Down Victim, Deep Water at or Near Surface
              • Head and Chin Support—Face-Up Victim, Deep Water at or Near Surface
              • In-line Stabilization for a Submerged Victim—Face-Up, Face-Down or on One Side in Deep Water
              • Using a Backboard in Shallow and Deep Water


              • Removing Gloves
              • Initial Assessment
              • Rescue Breathing—Adult, Child, and Infant
              • Using a Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator—Two Rescuers
              • Conscious Choking—Adult, Child, and Infant
              • Unconscious Choking—Adult, Child, and Infant
              • CPR—Adult, Child, and Infant
              • Two-Rescuer CPR—Adult, Child, and Infant
              • Using an AED—Adult, and Child

              FIRST AID SKILLS

              • Secondary Assessment
              • Controlling External Bleeding
              • Applying a Sling and Binder
              • Applying an Anatomic Splint
              • Applying a Soft Splint


              • Final Skill Scenario 1—Active Drowning Victim
              • Final Skill Scenario 2—Submerged Passive Drowning Victim
              • Final Skill Scenario 3—Head, Neck or Back Injury.

              You are encouraged to check with a healthcare professional before participating in the practice sessions. If a medical condition or disability exists that might prevent participation in the activities, or there are questions about fully participating in the lifeguard course, please contact us by e-mail to discuss this before beginning.

              The American Lifeguard Association suggests that all employers should follow the national standards and test each candidate they ensure the candidate possesses the required skills. Employers should also further their staff training through in-service programs to help increase their ability levels. At any time during employment, a staff member should be able to demonstrate their skills to show proficiency. It is therefore essential, even after you complete our program that you continue practicing your skills and work to improve them.

              Lifeguards are essential for helping to keep aquatic facilities safe. Unlike most other professional rescuers, lifeguards are present to prevent emergencies from occurring. Injury prevention is a primary focus for a lifeguard. Therefore, the program teaches how injuries occur and how they can be prevented. We will also teach proper surveillance, prevention, and victim recognition.

              There is nothing more important than learning how to save a life, and nothing more rewarding than knowing you did all the right things in saving a life. Practice makes perfect. Being alert, being a professional, and being on top of your skills at all times can help save lives!

              Once you have made payment, you may start your training by following the steps listed below on how to complete the national certification program. Remember that we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee, that if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you need only to email us and request a refund.

              If you have any questions that we may answer, or any problems completing the program, please email us at We monitor incoming emails 24/7 and typically respond to inquiries within just a few minutes.

              Select “ADD TO CART" to begin the program.

              Terms & Conditions

              We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our national certification programs. You need only to email us at within 30 days of your registration, and a full refund will be issued the very same day. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold our processors and us harmless from and against all claims that arise out of or relates to your training.