ALA Self-Study PO CD ROM Course

ALA Self-Study PO CD ROM Course

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    The American Lifeguard Association® (ALA) is a national educational association with the full support of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and Global Lifeguards, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Both of these organizations are members of the Global Lifeguard Association, one of the largest worldwide aquatic consortiums, which has trained more than 250,000 certified lifeguards over the past 30 years.

    The American Lifeguard Association® offers American Lifeguard and Safety Training™ nationwide. The American Lifeguard Association is one of a select few nationally-recognized certifying agencies for swimming pool operators in the United States and is listed by the CDC on their website at CDC Healthy Water. To obtain the latest news stories regarding the American Lifeguard Association nationwide efforts in the lifesaving profession, we ask that tap American Lifeguard Association News. Our programs may be eligible for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and also college elective credits. Upon completion, we suggest that you contact your school or university for further details and eligibility.

    We offer and national self-study training program that you can complete your own and get certified right away in pool operation. It is necessary to purchase our national training program prior to starting.

    After reading the following instructions listed below on how to complete the certification program, and you find you want to enroll, we ask that you select “ADD TO CART" to pay to start the program. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our national certification programs, so there is no reason not to start today!

    The American Lifeguard Association is a national educational association with the full support of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and Global Lifeguards, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. These organizations are members of the Global Lifeguard Association, which make up one of the largest worldwide aquatic consortiums.

    The American Lifeguard Association offers a national self-study training program that is on CD-ROM for obtaining your Swimming Pool Operator certification. The Center For Disease Control recommends that every swimming pool have at least one individual trained as a Swimming Pool Operator. Because of this, we highly recommend that everyone take this course if you are working at a swimming pool. We feel it will make a better professional Lifeguard, and will help the individual run a safer swimming pool environment for all. We also strongly feel that by having this training you will have the best opportunity of a higher-paying position, and will have an advantage over hiring when competing with others who only have their Lifeguard certification.

    The CD-ROM course is an excellent and innovative tool for training new swimming pool operators and a good review for experienced individuals. The 37 lessons include more than 100 videos, computer animations, and detailed 3-D graphics, 470 photos, interactive problem-solving exercises and quizzes along with up-to-date links to the Center For Disease Control Healthy Swimming Web site for additional information and to keep the training material current with the latest information on recreational water illness prevention and safety. The CD ROM program runs on PC Windows format and will not run on MAC-OS, without the aid of additional software. Once you register, we will email you a link where you can download a free trial offer of software that will allow you to use your MAC to open and run programs like our CD. The course content includes Introduction (historical, modern, public health issues) Pool design (safety design, construction standards, calculations of volume, recirculation, filtration, construction extras) Operation (certified pool operators, chemistry record keeping, equipment, troubleshooting) Other pool types (wading pools, spa pools, water recreation attractions). It also covers safety (entrapment, the pool deck, inside the pool, safety equipment, CPR, chemical storage, lifeguards and instructors). In addition, it teaches pool chemistry (the basics, the periodic table, chemical properties of water, the halogens in water, the chemistry of chlorine in water, shocking the pool, pH, other testing parameters) Pool Forms Inspections (conducting inspections, inspector requirements, enforcement) Code Enforcement. You may also view online an excellent Swimming Pool Operators manual, which is over 100 pages of information, and reference guide.

    Once you pay, we will priority mail a copy of the CD-ROM. A tracking number along with all the information on how to complete the self-study program to be emailed to you within minutes. The final proctored exam may not be completed using the study materials. Again, this is a self-study program where you watch the CD-ROM, review the online manual and come in and take a proctored 50-question exam. If you fail to pass with a grade of 80%, you may retake the exam at an additional cost of $75.00 the very next time we offer the exam. The course fee includes the final exam, and you will be instantly notified of your exam results. In addition, their results will be posted that very same day on our affiliate's website at, and may be verified at any time in the future. We will also be mailing a waterproof certification the very next day to all US address holders, at no additional charge.

    If you wish to enroll and start your training right away, we ask that you tap on the “ADD TO CART" button. Once you have made payment, we will send you a confirmation email with the above instructions on how to complete the national certification program. Remember that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, that for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you need only to email us and request a refund.

    If you have any questions that we may assist you with, or any problems completing the program, please email us at We monitor our incoming emails 24/7 and normally respond to inquiries within just a few minutes.

    Select “ADD TO CART" at this time if you would like to register and begin the program.


    The improper lending or use of the American Lifeguard Association training program, its content, is in violation of copyright laws, if your payment is not made before you start. Violators may be criminally prosecuted and fined up to $150,000. By making payment at this time to the American Lifeguard Association you are granted authorization to being the course.

    We will generate a USPS Priority mail shipping label and we will email you the tracking number in regard to the mailing of your CD ROM program, which you should receive in 2 to 3 business days. We ask that you allow 24 hours to receive the tracking number of your shipment. In the meantime, you may start reviewing the online manual at the following website at Pool's Operator's Handbook.

    Our course is a self-study program where you review the CD-ROM, online manual, and then take a proctored exam to complete the program and receive your 3-year Swimming Pool Operator’s certification. You must be 16 years of age or older to take the final exam. You will be notified of your test results instantly after completing the proctored exam. A certificate will be issued and mailed by first-class mail and sent out the very next mailing day.

    This exam must be taken after reviewing our PO CD ROM program and the provided online manual. Access to the exam is granted only to individuals who have purchased the CD directly through us, or was provided by your employer who must be an authorized provider. The lending of the CD from individual to individual for the purpose of completing our national Swimming Pool Operators course is strictly prohibited and in violation of copyright laws.

    Our CD ROM program is in a PC Windows format and will not run on MAC-OS. We suggest that you download a free program at This allows you to use your MAC and open and run programs like our CD, which requires Windows operation.

    How to schedule your exam session once you have made payment

    You need to go to This site allows you to register for your proctored PO exam session. Once on the home pages, you need to sign in and create your own new username and password. In the beginning, it will prompt you for a password and you will need to put in SPSA2015 (case sensitive).

    Jewish Community Center 
    8900 Little River Turnpike
    Fairfax, VA, 22031

    Testing sessions will each have seating for up to 20 candidates.
    Please note we ask that you not call the JCC

    Testing hours from September through the end of April
    Every third Saturday: 10 a.m.

    Testing Hours Starting in May and June 
    Every Saturday: 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and 10:30 a.m.

    Testing hours from July through the end of August
    Every Saturday: 10 a.m.

    Upon successfully completing the American Lifeguard Association certification program your waterproof wallet certification card will be mailed by first-class mail. You should receive your official certification card in 3 to 5 business days. In addition, the very same day we will email you a snapshot of your certification, as an attachment, so you may have it while you are waiting for the original card to arrive.

    We will also arrange for your new credential to be uploaded to the Aquatic Industry’s online credential verification service within 24 hours. Once it has been uploaded, you will be able to check your listing by clicking this link: Universal Certification. You, an employer, or government official will be able to verify your new certifications anytime in the future.

    The American Lifeguard and Safety Training™ is a trademark of the American Lifeguard Association® health and safety courses. The American Lifeguard Association has been offering lifeguard training for over 30 years and has trained over 250,000 individuals worldwide. The US Labor Department has determined our lifeguard programs are equivalent to the American Red Cross training program.

    If you have any questions or if we may be of any further assistance with our PO CD ROM program, we ask that you email us at

    Click on "ADD TO CART" at the top of the page to register.